Food Processing

As a food processor, you want to ensure that all foods destined for consumption are safe to eat. The safety of our food supply depends in large part on determining the quality of raw materials and implementing processing conditions to ensure safety of the finished product. The University of Guelph, Agriculture & Food Laboratory (AFL) provides food manufacturers and processors with food safety testing – your toehold in the industry.  We offer a variety of food quality and safety tests to help ensure your food meets required regulations, and to support your reputation.  AFL is dedicated to helping food processors maintain safe food with accredited tests and reliable results.

Our quality laboratories can test your raw ingredients and finished products to detect contamination and monitor cleanliness of workplace surfaces to comply with HACCP implementation. We can test for residues that can compromise your food's safety to consumers.  This could include foreign contaminants such as glass or plastic, undeclared allergens, mycotoxins, or other residues.  We can also test to ensure your allergen label claims are fully supported.

Read below to learn more about our testing services or contact us to learn how our laboratories can meet your testing needs:



Food Processing MicrobiologyWe offer cultural and rapid methods to detect and enumerate pathogens and other organisms in raw ingredients and processed food.

Learn more about food processing microbiology services.



Molecular Analysis

Food Processing Molecular StudiesWe provide a wide array of DNA analysis services for plant, animal and microbial samples as long as a sample contains DNA.

Learn more about our molecular analysis for food processors.




Food Processing allergen testingWe offer testing for all the major food allergens with accurate, timely results.  We can detect the presence and quantify many allergens.

Learn more about our allergen testing services for food processors.



Foreign Contaminants Identification

Food Processing foreign contaminantsWe provide identification of a wide variety of food and production contaminants to quickly resolve customer complaints, quality defects, and potential litigation.

Learn more about AFL's foreign contaminant identification services.



Residue Testing

Food Processing Residue testsWe can test for a broad range of residue types in feed and food including mycotoxins, minerals, heavy metals, pesticides, and more.

Learn about our food processors residue testing services.




Our testing is carried out in a state-of-the-art facility with a mature Quality System.  Please refer to our Scopes of Accreditation.