Controlling disease and pests is a priority for growers in their ability to produce healthy crops, be it vegetable, fruit, floral or other plants.  But production costs are considered the number one concern in the grower industry and these costs can be substantially increased by diseased crops.  The University of Guelph, Agriculture & Food Laboratory (AFL) offers a wide range of services pertaining to crop health, verification, safety and yield enhancement.  We provide a wide range of diagnostic services to assist vegetable, floral and turf grass growers to manage plant health.  By correctly assessing the actual situation affecting plant health, timely preventative actions can be taken which are often much less expensive than curative approaches.  

Our multifaceted laboratories offer a comprehensive array of physical and chemical analyses that can be used to determine plant/soil fertility and plant health.  Contact us to learn how our laboratories can provide your testing needs. 

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Grower - PlantsWe routinely provide scientific diagnostic results for growers to resolve plant health issues on greenhouse vegetables, field crops, and vegetation.

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Grower - SoilOur soil testing services can help you improve the quality of your soil by detecting and quantifying the presence of fungi, bacteria, and other pathogens.

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Growers - WaterAFL can help you monitor your water quality to help make certain irrigation water, drainage water, wells, ponds, and other streams are safe.

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