The Agriculture and Food Laboratory has been providing results for government food safety and environmental monitoring/surveillance programs in Ontario for more than 40 years. We have built our expertise and reputation on meeting the stringent requirements of government regulations. After 20 years of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food - University of Guelph Agreement, we continue to be the provincial laboratory of choice for Food Safety and Quality testing.

The AFL offers a wide array of ISO/IEC 17025 accredited tests, as listed on our scopes of accreditations, which are available to complement government inspection, monitoring, compliance, enforcement and recall activities. In addition, our laboratory proudly holds accreditation for "Test Method Development and Evaluation and Non-routine Testing" (TMDENRT) in cases where methodology does not yet exist, has not yet been implemented or for situations where there is suspected contamination/non-compliance in unexpected commodities.

Our comprehensive list of matrices and analytical platforms paired with our extensive scope of residue methods - pesticide and drug; and identification methods - allergen, pathogenic, and genomic, embodies legally defensible food safety - from farm to fork - whether those foods and farms are local, national or international.

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