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MARCH 18, 2020



Welcome to the Canadian Veterinary Urolith Centre (CVUC) webpage. In collaboration with the CVUC, Royal Canin has offered complimentary leading-edge quantitative urolith analysis since 1998. Your participation supports our ongoing research and development in the area of urinary tract disease while enabling you to provide exceptional care to your patients. Royal Canin is delighted to provide you with this complimentary service for dogs and cats. Thank you for your contributions to the research and development in this important area.


Shipping Instructions

Please read the following instructions before sending a sample.

Please click below for your preferred sample submission form:

CVUC English submission form

CVUC French submission form


HOW TO PREPARE YOUR SAMPLE FOR SUBMISSION In order to ensure high quality, timely results, please follow these recommendations:

1. Collect the clean dry urolith(s) and place in a clean plastic vial. Urethral plugs, uroliths, and crystals should be submitted dry. There is no minimum size requirement.

2. Please complete the submission form in its entirety. The data on the submission form provides the Canadian Veterinary Urolith Centre with useful clinical information which forms the basis for periodical prevalence reports to the profession.

3. Consider using a courier service to send your samples to the Canadian Veterinary Urolith Centre in order to ensure reliable delivery. Send samples directly to:


Canadian Veterinary Urolith Centre

Laboratory Services, University of Guelph

95 Stone Road West

Guelph, ON

N1H 8J7 (Canada Post)

N1G 2Z4 (Courier)


4. Royal Canin will pay for the analysis of canine or feline uroliths. Uroliths from other species can be submitted for testing but there will be a $50 charge for this service and we do not have suggested management protocols for other species. Please note we cannot accept samples from primates. 

5. Within five working days of receiving the sample, an analysis of the chemical composition of the urolith as well as a comprehensive clinical management protocol of the urolith(s) in question will be available on the Royal Canin Veterinary Portal and will be faxed or emailed to your veterinary practice. If you have any questions regarding the clinical management of a urolithiasis case, please contact the Veterinary Consultation Service at 1-866-567-7088 or submit a case consultation request on the Royal Canin Veterinary Portal.


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