Dairy Testing Services

Laboratory testing plays an important role in ensuring safe, quality dairy products. In today’s dairy industry, from farm to fork, it is essential to ensure that dairy products are free of microbial agents, antibiotic residues and other contaminants.

The Agriculture & Food Laboratory (AFL) proudly serves the Ontario Dairy Industry by providing analytical test results for payment, regulatory and research purposes. With over 40 years of experience, our proficiency and scope in dairy testing is of the highest standard. Using approved and accredited methods, we can test your products at our premium milk testing laboratory including:

  • Raw Milk (bovine, goat, sheep) and;
  • Processed Milk Products (bovine, goat, sheep).

Learn more below about our dairy testing services or contact us to learn how our laboratories can meet your testing needs.


Raw Milk

Raw milk testingOur raw milk quality testing encompasses farm bulk-tank-milk and individual bovine, goat, and sheep samples.

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Processed Milk

Processed dairy testingWe offer accredited tests for milk producers and manufacturers of processed milk products that include cheese, cream, yogurt and many more.

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Laboratory Services is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) ISO/IEC 17025 for specific dairy tests listed on our current Scope of Accreditation.