The 4th Annual Food Safety Symposium: Food Safety, Risk Management & Traceability in a Digital Age

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Fresh vegetables

Join us in Guelph, Ontario on Thursday, November 7th, 2019.

Brought to you by BioMerieux in collaboration with the University of Guelph, Laboratory Services, Agriculture & Food Laboratory.


Join experts from industry, government and academia to learn and discuss:

> Recall testimonial, technology adaption in traceability

> Legal implications in food safety 

> Lessons learned from a recent Canadian Salmonella outbreak: public health and traceback perspectives

> Zoonotic source attribution of Salmonella Typhimurium in the United States using WGS and machine-learning

> Food safety tools in a digital age for predicting and preventing recalls

> The future is now: artificial intelligence


November 7th, 2019
8:45 am to 4:00 pm
Delta Hotels Guelph Conference Centre
50 Stone Road West
Guelph, Ontario. N1G 0A9
Lunch and Refreshments provided.


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