Extaneous Material and Filth Testing in Food

Submitted by on Mon, 07/16/2012 - 12:07

AFL microscopists, diagnosticians, and analysts use Health Canada and/or AOAC Official Methods to test for extraneous material as well as light and heavy filth in food.

Major contaminants involved in food product recalls include Metal and Glass. Further testing on metal and glass can be performed to assist in identifying the source of contamination if necessary.

Another major contaminant in food involves insects or insect fragments, as well as their eggs, larvae, and excreta. The University of Guelph has one of the largest insect collections in Canada. Our entomologists can identify the insect and provide background information on typical sources and treatments if requested.

Additional extraneous material and filth contaminants include hair, fibres, and plastic. Our vast experience with foreign material identification has equipped us in determining virtually every possible contamination source before and after processing of foods.

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